Parametric pill box

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 allows the parametric modelling of solids. I used it to create a better pill box, where user parameters defined the box diameter (default 38 mm), box height (3 times the radius, between the hemispherical caps), wall thickness (2 mm), minimum wall thickness (0.8 mm), clearance (between the overlapping parts) (0.25 mm), number […]

Pill box

A right circular cylinder, about three times its radius in height, capped by hemispheres makes a satisfying pill shape. I bisected the pill perpendicular to its axis of circular symmetry to allow both the hemispheres to be 3D printed convex. The two halves would need to be joined. Pill box 1 On my first attempt, […]

Toadstool II

My first toadstool was relatively simple. This second one was more complex, including a representation of the ring around the stem and the volva at the base. The cap was modelled to be smoother than the first, using a geodesic sphere based on a cube. Ultimaker’s guide to designing for printability suggests that the minimum […]