The more you study …

Trying to make Haskell-related things work on Windows, you can learn a lot about Unix-like operating systems. Sometimes you can learn about Windows too. Looking at RIO.Process.findExecutable provided by rio-, I learnt about the PATHEXT environment variable. PATH and PATHEXT The Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and other executables use the environment variables PATH and PATHEXT to […]

Help? Help.

The package optparse-applicative provides a Haskell library for parsing options at the command line. A minimal example, providing only minimal help, is as follows:

On Windows 10, the ‘Usage:’ help text depends on how the executable is called and can include a filename extension. For example, at the Command Prompt, a test executable, opTest.exe, […]

Lawnmower Key

The Gtech Cordless Lawnmower comes with a plastic safety key. If the key is misplaced, the mower will safely not work. A spare key became a 3D printing project. I measured the dimensions of the key using a digital caliper and modelled it in Autodesk’s Fusion 360. I exported the model as an STL file […]