zlib1.dll and conflicts

Certain Haskell libraries depend on C library GTK+ or its dependencies (such as Cairo or Pango). The dependencies include zlib, a compression library. On Windows, these libraries can be obtained most easily using MSYS2. The DLL build of zlib is named zlib1.dll. zlib has developed over time and later versions of zlib1.dll export functions that […]

It’s a kind of magic

Sandy Maguire is working on a book about type-level programming in Haskell with the working title of The Book of Types. It has prompted me to take stock of what I know about kinds. Haskell 2010 Language Report My starting point is the Haskell 2010 Language Report. It explains that the main forms of type […]

Further from the Path

My Path user environment variable includes references to other environment variables, for example (extract):

Suddenly, I was no longer reaching certain locations on the path. I discovered that the references to other environment variables were not being expanded.

Somehow, the type of Path in the registry had been changed from REG_EXPAND_SZ to REG_SZ, […]